Friday, September 4, 2009

Huntrest House

This is my favorite house in Rutherford. It is a very unique Craftsman Bungalow built in 1910 by Emma and Frank Beasley. Frank Beasley was the assistant postmaster for Rutherford and even mentioned in a 1903 article in the NY Times, but something must have gone wrong because the couple sold the house in 1917 to Uster Theodora and Cyprian Cyrail Hunt (you can't make those names up) who named it Huntrest.

It is on Gouverneur Ave one block from my house so I can see it whenever I like. When we first moved in the house looked something like the picture below, although in worse repair. My sweetie thought I was nuts for loving it. Since, a new owner has bought the house, restored it beautifully (at least from what I can see outside) and had it put on the Historic Register. THANK YOU!


Elisabeth said...

And I was worried I had a screw loose for admiring this house as well. It's totally great.

Alexis said...

We have so many great houses in Rutherford. I want to post more about my favorites.

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