Friday, February 19, 2010

"Stylish" Lyndhurst Olympian

I seldom watch the Olympics but I do like the figure skating and snow boarding. Thus, I want to point out that Olympic figure skater, Johnny Weir, is from neighboring Lyndhurst, NJ. Poor Johnny, he took 6th place on Feb 16 but he is fun to watch. He claims he may retire from skating and go into fashion design. Um, really, have you seen skating costumes?!?!?! Who would want to dress like that?

In other news, he gets his hair styled at Eric Alt Salon in Wood Ridge. While that does not make me want to get my hair cut there, it does make me want to drive over and gawk and the patrons. Conversely, I get my hair done at Bangz in Montclair, where I think most of the customers come out looking pretty chic.

Here's a picture of Johnny from the Feb 16 performance. You be the judge.

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