Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kitchen Counters!

I know I promised you an update on the kitchen but I've been mucking around looking for backsplash inspiration and considering sending a plea for help over to my friends at Bangor Bungalow. Without further ado, here's the update.

As you can see, the ugly backsplash (some ca 1955 is still in place), we originally planned to put in slate mosaic tile but now that all the black granite is in, we think it might be too dark. We've been pouring over options but please, PLEASE send any suggestions you have.


Holyoke Home said...

oooooh!!!!! Where can I see a 'before' picture?! Those look GREAT!

Alexis said...

Thanks, Holyoke! I;ll try to dig some up. We started this project when we moved in 3 years ago have have replaced things piece by piece (these being more dramatic pieces) so I hope I have real "before" shots.

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