Monday, September 27, 2010

Basement Powder Room - Before

We finally redid the basement powder room - YAY! Soon after we moved in, we cleaned and painted it blue then, earlier this year, we put in a new floor. By "we" I mean that my sweetie pulled up the old floor and put in the new oak plywood one. All I had to do was stain it black and add gloss poly.

This is the "before", except that you can see the new black floor and I've already painted the ceiling gloss white. Sorry the pictures aren't better, but the room is soooo tiny, I can barely get a shot of it.

Isn't our Japanese apartment sink (back of the toilet) awesome!?! Clean water for hand washing when you don't have the space for a free-standing sink.


Holyoke Home said...

Hmmmm....the sink is kind of brilliant for a space that small.

Alexis said...

Thanks, Holyoke Home, I think so too. It works beautifully. I've had a few weirded out visitors ask me about where the water comes from, but after an explanation of basic plumbing (yes, the water is completely clean and the faucet turns its self off when the tank is full) it has become a big hit.

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