Friday, July 24, 2009

On The Road Again

I've spent a lot of time in a car, on highways today getting to and from a corporate event in Connecticut. It made me think of how much I loved car trips as a kid. There's something mesmerizing about watching all that scenery flow by out the windows. I've lost some of that wonderment but still take pleasure in watching the side of the road roll past.

Ian Frazier wrote a marvelous piece for the New Yorker about Route 3, the road anyone commuting to New York from Rutherford (or Montclair, where Frazier lives) has to travel. His descriptions are evocative and spot-on. He also includes some very interesting statistics. Most importantly, he brings a little wonder back to a road we travel each day.

Route 3 by Ian Frazier


sarah said...

Apparently, as a child, I had a hsbiit of throwing my shoes out the window as we drove on road trips (which we did a lot). I guess I've left a trail of shoes all across the country, according to my mom. She came up with loads of games to entertain us in the car, probably to keep me from thinking about shoe-toss!

sarah said...

That's supposed to say 'habit'. Stupid typo.

Alexis said...

Sarah - I've always wondered about lost shoes on the highway and, somehow, never thought of them being thrown out on purpose. I wonder what your motivation was (dropping breadcrumbs)? I suppose your mom could have just taken the shoes away from you but games were likely more fun all around. My mom and I sang a lot on car trips. Actually, I still sing on car trips.

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