Thursday, July 23, 2009

Round and roundabout

 published an article recently about roundabouts, positing that they are safer and more efficient than “T” or “X” (what we in most parts of the USA think of as “regular”) intersections. I think the author, Tom Vanderbilt, is right. The best part, Rutherford has its very own roundabout. Safety first!

Here is the Slate article:


Ben said...

Does safe mean it's ok to speed through the yield sign?

On the bright side, folks do usually stop for me when I'm crossing to the train station.

Alexis said...

The roundabout is one for the few places I've not been almost run over (walking) or t-boned (driving). I think local drivers have a bit of trouble calming down and remembering these are local streets, not the highway or the Indy 500.

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