Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cupcakes Galore

I bought 3 cupcakes to try tonight after dinner at Daruma (review to come)...

Earl Grey Blueberry:

1. As with many of their cupcakes, the overall feel of this one is a little heavy and the cake is slightly greasy.
2. Smell is wonderful - strong bergamot mixed with blueberry pie. A good combo.
3. My sweetie thinks the icing is a little grainy bUt I like it. Not too sweet but rich and tasty. How can vegan buttercream frosting taste rich and buttery?
4. The cake is dense but not too firm. A scent of Early Grey tea but not a strong taste of it.
5. Filling classic blueberry pie. Fresh taste and fresh blueberry on top.
6. Of the Sweet Ave cupcakes I've tried, I'd put this in the top 5. (#1 of the 3 tried tonight)

Thai Coconut Curry:

1. Cake is a little drier than their usual; more like a muffin. My sweetie likes this density particularly.
2. Smells like coconut curry
3. Light on the frosting, which is nice. Toasted coconut is a good addition in my opinion but my sweetie would prefer un-toasted.
4. As with the bergamot, more of a smell of curry than a taste.
5. A little too sweet. I'm a big fan of chili in chocolate and I think this needs a similar balancing factor.
6. Less successful than many of their cupcakes but I appreciate the effort. #2 of 3.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough:

1. Not much smell. A little vanilla smell, a little mass-market cookie dough (there's actually cookie dough in the middle!).
2. Comparatively bland.
3. The cake is nice, classic.
4. Frosting is too sweet and grainy.
5. Good concept (the stuffing with dough).
6. #3 of 3. Not really successful.

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