Sunday, August 9, 2009

Overheard in Rutherford

Thanks to Elisabeth, who complied this list:

Borgism (bôrg´iz ǝm) n. thought stated while hanging with the Rutherford Borg, removed from its original context for comic effect.

1. I'm not quite young enough to be an aphid.

2. He used to like me. He used to like a lot of guys. Then he got married.

3. Get it off me!! Get it off me!!

4. I'm going to slow down the car -- you just get the hell out.

5. I've never stolen a baby. Not once.

6. Just put them in a padded room and let them knock themselves off the walls.

7. I'll feel better when there's a toilet.

8. I brought some lube!

9. You can actually do something for him which is murder three people.

10. I didn't know I looked that funny.

11. I love the bats because I've only been bitten once.

12. Can you visual-Earth the baby?

13. I killed him, and his successor was crazy.

14. Is this some kind of weird cougar terminology?

15. I have this problem with being logical.

16. The way you're going to do it is stupid and horrible and will lead you to death.

17. Oh, young hussy like you, of course you know his number!

18. I've come here to eat.

19. Guys, it's 3:00 in the morning. I'd like to get back to my hotel. Can we just finish this business and I'll be on my way?

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