Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Talk It Up! Teen Book Discussion Group

Do I have any teen readers out there? How about parents of teens? This one's for you:

Talk It Up
TONIGHT 7PM - 8:15PM at the Rutherford Public Library
Contact: Susan Rappaport 201-939-8600 ext 19 rappaport@bccls.org

"All teens entering the seventh grade and older are invited to our summer book discussion group. We meet for six weeks and four of the books are on the summer reading list from school. The first half of the program we discuss the books and in the second half we play a really fun version of Family Feud. Come join in on the fun! Food, presents and new friends are available. Registration is mandatory so come in, call or email but you must register!"

By the way, that picture was not taken at the RPL. It's just for visual interest - give me some poetic license.

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